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Change is Difficult

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

As we start our Lenten journey this year, let's focus on our inner selves. What is God wanting to change in my inner life? Many of us become so acostumb of who we are that change can be difficult. We live our lives wearing many masks that we forget who God is calling us to be. For certain we have very positive traits that we need to grow, yet, it is our most inner self the one that God wants us to allow his Holy Spirit to touch and renew.

Lent is upon again, let us be open to the possibility of change. Let us make a solemn promise that we will not be afraid to let God into our lives. In the midst of so much uncertainty and fear, one thing is for sure, God is still in control and He wants to dwell within us. His will for us has not changed; He still desires good things for us and from us.

What is keeping us from accepting that fact?


Specially during Lent, we are invited to do acts of charity. It is when we give of ourselves that God works within us. We become less selfish as we look outward in helping others. What is one action that you can do on behalf of others today?


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