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Meet Our Team

Praise and Worship

Two Latina women from San Antonio Texas on fire for Christ! Amy Aris Mendez and Cynthia De León are music ministers, youth ministers and lovers of the Catholic faith. “We met each other while doing ministry and it took off from there!” We say yes to doing God’s work because it’s what fills us with joy! Amy is an Academic Advisor at A&M San Antonio and Cynthia is a Speech Therapist Assistant. Both ladies love churros and strong coffee ♥️♥️

Our MC

Luis Varela lives in Las Cruces New Mexico.  Yes, that is in the United States!  He is studying his Doctorate in Engineering at NMSU.  Luis has been involved in Youth Ministry since High School.  Leading his Parish Youth Group for many years; hHe has continued to serve in his parish, at a Diocesan level.  He loves Christ and is not afraid to share His love with others.

Ice Breakers


Josué Barraza is a passionate Catholic young adult who, as a teen, was a diocesan core team member, and a parish junior youth minister. Now a professional youth and young adult minister at St. Lawrence the Martyr, Josué strives to reach the youth through virtual youth groups, digital retreats, and interactive prayer on social media. He is also an intern for the USCCB Hispanic/Latino Affairs, and has been designing social media posts for the last two yearsPablo Barraza is a core Team Member of the St. Lawrence Youth Group and the MC for the Twitch stream of the Youth Group Nights.  He is passionate so others can Know God, Love God and Serve God.  



Ana Barraza has been involved in ministry since she was in High School.  Her talents include Music Ministry, Catechesis, Youth Ministry.  She is an expert on adaptive catechesis. She has developed techniques and activities that can be developed in a virtual or face-to-face environment. She is the founder of a website specialized in special catechesis. Ana is also a member of the Loyola Press Corp. National Catechetical Team.

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